Born into an ad agency family. Spent three decades on the client side, establishing my own expertise in brand development, marketing strategy and corporate messaging.

Professional Highlights

I spent the first half of my career directing marketing teams and external agencies for two large financial institutions: an $8 billion public company and the other $3.5 billion, privately held. Next, I helped start a de novo bank that grew from $15 million to nearly $4 billion before its IPO. Finally, I joined my former CEO in launching a fintech start-up marketing corporate social responsibility and employee engagement solutions to companies nationwide. Each step of the way, I’ve worked alongside company executives to communicate vision, brand and services to a wide range of audiences. I pride myself on being an empathetic leader who intuitively connects business owners and creative teams to achieve success.

Brand Development

Created and successfully launched new brands with value proposition, brand platform, visual identity, voice, related assets and more. Championed, protected and managed established brands.

Marketing Strategy

Developed and led execution of targeted marketing strategies to achieve business growth. Collaborate with lines of business leaders to reach goals for deposits, loans and investments, new customers, product enhancements and employee engagement.

Corporate Messaging

Pitched and published 100+ news stories and company announcements. Served as chief
communicator, editor and collaborator. Achieved reach in the millions with engaging social media content, videos and storytelling.


Uncommon Giving

Founding CMO and shareholder for start-up fintech platform revolutionizing charitable giving and impact investing for individuals, companies and their employees.
Part of leadership team raising $15 million+ in private seed capital and Reg A public offering for growth. Conducted national agency search and launched award winning consumer brand. Began B2B go-to-market with emphasis on corporate social responsibility and employee engagement. Generated global awareness via news and social media strategies. Introduced company's first online giving wallet, donor advised fund, ETF and custom S&P Index as part of generosity-themed investments.


CrossFirst Bank

Founding team member for de novo private and commercial bank, now traded on NASDAQ. Created company name and exclusive brand for audience of business owners, professionals and their families. Developed targeted marketing communications for deposit and loan growth reflecting high-tech, high-touch purpose of serving people in extraordinary ways. Served as head of marketing, brand manager and chief communicator supporting growth from $15 million in assets to $4 billion+.



Directed marketing team for $3.5 billion full-service bank, including research and product development, data analytics, advertising, direct marketing, in-bank merchandising, sales promotion and web design. Produced award winning mass media campaigns that increased awareness and propelled growth. Launched first real-time Internet banking site in U.S. Earned Certified Financial Marketing Professional designation from American Bankers Association.



Led advertising and brand management for $8 billion multi-state bank providing a full range of consumer and business banking, investments and trust services. Developed nationally recognized mass media campaigns, in-bank merchandising, sales promotions, collateral and other marketing materials. Assisted with national agency search and served as client contact for RFPs. Introduced grocery store banking, convenience store ATMs and 24-hour phone banking. Managed brand image for acquired banks and for exit to NationsBank/Bank of America.


Strategic Discovery

My vision and purpose is to share my expertise and encouragement in a positive environment where I can add value. I’m available to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact.

  • Meet the team, immerse myself in company culture, learn systems and processes.

  • Understand strategic plan, lines of business, geographic locations, products and services.

  • Learn about goals for growth, cross sell, retention, awareness, reach, engagement, referrals, etc.

  • Identify target audiences and priorities for each.

  • Understand relevant budgets, media and production resources, partnerships and more.

  • Recognize brand standards, marketing materials, branch merchandising, digital content and owned media properties.

  • Review news contacts and coverage, along with rapid response plan.

  • Spread enthusiasm and encouragement!

Samples from fractional and pro bono clients are available upon request. I look forward to connecting with you!

Laura Lane Graham

Thanks for your consideration!

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